Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Geek love quotes (via Twitter hashtag #geeklove)

So a couple of days back there was an interesting hashtag trending, #geeklove , on Twitter.
As usual, there were plenty of witty and humorous tweets, which Twitter is always known for.
Here is a compiled list of some of them I found brilliant ! (Sorry to those guys who posted them , I couldn't include your handles due to shortage of time.)

  1. I love you baby will you be my wi-fi !! :D
  2. If sin (x) = 1 / 4 and x is such that (Pi / 2) < x < Pi, then is it going to be your place or mine tonight?
  3. Beautiful weather, let's go on a looonng pen drive.
  4. Hey baby I can't wait to CPU. Why can't the world just let USB !
  5. Our Chemistry could use some Biology.
  6. 'Honey, let's go on a long drive?' 'Sure, which partition do we take today?'
  7. Your Homepage or mine?
  8. You’re my favourite person in the whole World Wide Web.
  9. Come on baby, light my firewall!
  10. Will you be the mother of my BETA?
  11. Wanna grab a drink at the space bar?
  12. Mere ROM ROM mein tum base ho ...!!
  13. Lets meet over some Java.
  14. Wanna come over for microchips and dip?
  15. I'll be ur BB no. 1
  16. You make my heart Skype a beat.
  17. I will give you the Sun, the Moon, the Skype.
  18. PS3:I Love you.
  19. 'Sony' De Nakhre Soney Lagde...!
  20. She is one in a million options in Google Search.
  21. I see a Blueray of hope in this relationship.
  22. You are the APPLE of my I.
  23. Nothing's gonna change my love for U R L.
  24. Your face fits as perfectly in my palm as my mouse.
  25. I’m gonna give you a Laptop dance!
  26. When I saw you, it was love at first site.
  27. Let's put the past in the recycle bin, and restart our love.
  28. I think we’re at that stage in the relationship where I want you to meet my mother board.
  29. Lets Mac love to each other.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


"Sign kyun nahin kiya exam copy pe."
"Sir, wo bhul gaya tha."
"Aise kaise chalega. Aap jaante hain aapne ye kitni badi galti kr di hai. Aapke wajah se mujhe kitni badi pareshaani ho gyi."
"Sir, galti se bhul gaye the ..."
"Nahin .. aap bataiye itni badi galti ki kya saza di jaye. Abhi minus 10 number kr denge.Hum khud hi nahin chahte aap bachon ki lab exam mein back aa jaye ... Lekin aap hum mazboor kr dete hain .. Abhi poora saal repeat krna pad jayega !! "

"Accha bahar wait kijeye.... "

After wasting 15 mins .. "Accha ye lijye .. Ayainda se mistake karenge to phirr hum aapko bacha nahin payenge "


Scenario: A typical undergraduate technical college in Uttar Pradesh. Yeah North India.

So you thought that teachers are builders of nation .. Blah ..Blah.. More of that moral science book blah ..
Well, at least I thought that the philosophy of 'Khud khao Khaane do' can be at least expected. Remember the RTO guys. But no sir no.You can't even expect this much from these babus in form of teachers, lecturers, professors who have entered this education field thanks to the corrupted system. And as we see a nation wide rise in corruption, slowly and steadily, I think it is securing its foothold in education as well. Education industry, to be precise.

We study, we learn, we work hard. Yet, you cannot escape the babu mentality. I think primary education hasn't seen much of it (thank God !). But undergraduate and graduate level is totally plagiarized.And technical education has gone to the heights of conning. Freekill. Left, right and center. You loot wherever your eyes land. Just put up a glamorized advertisement showing spectacled boys on computers/laptops and girls in traditional salwaar kameez carrying a pile of books !

I know the system is corrupt, unemployment is rising, etc etc. But can't you expect this much sincerity from these so called Lecturers-Professors who have negligible knowledge. I am not challenging your knowledge level. No, I don't want to. But can't these teacher-cum-actors do something worthwhile in life. No one expects anything but can't they mind their own business and let others do their's ?

Sadly, situation is grave here. Babugiri is a passe'. Gundagardi is the latest trend !