Sunday, May 30, 2010


Hi to all readers. First blog first post, this is my first plunge into the world of blogging.

Though I was always passionate about writing, yet this is the first time I can voice my opinions through a blog. Big thanks to friends and family who are always there to support & encourage.

Though I admit it will lack professional look in many places, I request all to let it pass for a first timer.

What this will be all about

First things first; my write-ups will be comments, opinions or information.

Though I can’t be sure but the articles and post will be largely focused on

the tech and geeky stuff about computers, electronics, etc in India.(Shame on

you if you haven't guessed it till now by the URL :P)

Anyways it is just a theme or epicenter. Certainly not the only topic for me on this blog.

But don't expect procedures, technical help or hacks :P

Why should you care

Good question. For the readers out there in India, most of you must have experienced some common situations in one point of their life or other.

Share. Learn. Become nostalgic. Above all, enjoy !!!

For other readers around the world, this can be an insight into the 21st century Indian techies.

Opinions and suggestions

I would love to hear opinions and replies on the blog. Just refrain from using abusive or gross language.

Any suggestions about the blog can also be mailed on

How to keep track

Best thing I can think of is Twitter.

Follow me @abhaythehero.

Due to my hectic schedule ( B.Tech students will understand ....) expect weekly updates. Or even monthly.

If you want to you can also connect to me via Orkut or Facebook.

Orkut profile.

Facebook profile.

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