Saturday, June 5, 2010

7 sequences from '3 idiots' that every engineer should take inspiration from

What proved to be a huge Bollywood blockbuster flick has also proved to be a must-watch-movie for budding engineers across the country.3-idiots besides being a superb entertainer also unraveled the many frailties in Indian education system implemented for engineering. Here are 7 sequences of my choice which are bound to inspire if you miss them in your studies !!

1. Relate to real world while studying
Most of the students while pursuing their engineering studies, especially in Indian education system, forget that they are studying most of the concepts that are already in use in outside world.It would always help you to become an efficient and skillful as a person if you spare a thought for that real world implementation.
In the scene where the professor asks Rancho to describe ‘Machine’ he simply starts by quoting the example of his pants’ zip. Funny, but notice how quickly he has identified which objects can be classified as ‘machine’.

2. Inquisitiveness helps
Remember the scene where Rancho asks Virus about the use of specially invented costly pen instead of a normal pencil which can also write in zero gravity. His idea to use pencil was wrong as latter told by Virus quoting the right reason.Although Rancho was wrong yet it took virus some time to actually find out the reason.

Always try to challenge a law, theory or a hypothesis. Don’t try to mug without realizing the actual value of the concept you have just studied. This will not only help you to absorb the concept but also to know where and when it can be applied. Who knows, maybe you can come up with something better.

3. Try to gain as much practical knowledge as possible

During the course period, students often ignore the practical nature of engineering.In the movie ,Farhan narrates how Rancho carried a screwdriver with him everywhere to study and conduct all types of experiments on the surrounding appliances, machines etc. Experimentation is the heart & soul of all scientific studies.

4. Always be prepared to take inspiration from other fields

There are times that something just out of your field will grab your attention and you wonder how something is not done on parallel lines in your field.Rancho gets a brainstorm about the quadrocopter while dancing !!

5. Come up with original ideas when it matters most
This is hard to expect every time. Yet this is what the world expects from an engineer. No one wants want textbook definition. This is why troubleshooters in any industry will always remain in business no matter what.

Rancho escapes from ragging by making an on – spot way to electrocute his senior.
In the climax scene he listens to the functions and specifications of the suction pump & comes up with his own made-in-few-minutes-from-household-items suction pump.What he actually showed was the real application of his knowledge.

6. Motivation should be by interest and not by greed or fear

When Rancho tells everybody in classroom how madly all students rush on to cram the books and notes, he asked everyone whether any of them had thought that they were going to learn something new that day. Indeed this child-like curiosity was what took him to pinnacle. Or in B.Tech lingo – he was interested in concept not in placement.

In fact Rancho also tells his friend Raju that he should stop living in fear of 'bad grades stopping him to get a decent job'.

7. Aal Izz Well !!

Unofficial mantra to hum along when in deep trouble. Fool your heart and convince your brain. And yeah, Rancho was right, you will need it a lot !


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